[coreboot] Out of MTRRs

Aaron Durbin adurbin at google.com
Sun Apr 1 23:36:28 CEST 2018

On Sat, Mar 31, 2018 at 10:21 AM, Nico Huber <nico.h at gmx.de> wrote:
> On 31.03.2018 17:31, Nico Huber wrote:
>> On 23.03.2018 16:29, Jay Talbott wrote:
>>> Do you think they will resolve the issue that I am seeing?
>> I don't know. As you top posted, I haven't looked at it yet. I'll have a
>> look. But it seems very likely that you'll have to fix something about
>> your memory map.
> Yes, it should help. Can you please send a log of the same configuration
> as used for the last log but with (at least) the first two of my patches
> applied?
> I would expect the UC-default case to succeed, then, because we can
> squash the MTRRs above 4GiB together.
> Another thought that came about the temporary ROM caching: In your case
> 2MiB ROM are set up (is that correct? [1]). I think this is why nobody
> else run into this issue, most have a big (e.g. 16MiB) SPI flash that is
> easier to handle in the WB-default case. But the code that adds the tem-
> porary caching confuses me anyway:
> (from src/soc/intel/skylake/romstage/romstage_fsp20.c)
>>         /* Cache the ROM as WP just below 4GiB. */
>>         postcar_frame_add_mtrr(&pcf, 0xFFFFFFFF - CONFIG_ROM_SIZE + 1,
>>                                 CONFIG_ROM_SIZE, MTRR_TYPE_WRPROT);
> Here (and for many other platforms in coreboot), CONFIG_ROM_SIZE is
> used. Beside your problem of the hard to cache smaller ROM sizes, it
> could also be too big. e.g. with a 32MiB ROM, we would mark MMIO space
> as cacheable. Aaron, what do you think? would it hurt to always mark
> 16MiB on Intel? IIRC, 16MiB is the maximum that is memory mapped of
> the boot ROM, and I don't think it would hurt if the ROM is actually
> smaller.

I think that's definitely viable. That'd fix some of these messages.
To be fair, the MTRR calculation does end up working. It's just trying
really hard temporarily add things in.

> Nico
> [1] This line of your log seems to suggest that you actually have 16MiB:
>> SF: Detected FAST_SPI Hardware Sequencer with sector size 0x1000, total
>> 0x1000000
> So I suspect your CONFIG_ROM_SIZE is off.

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