[coreboot] Coreboot on X230 and Dualboot / How to make it work

One7two99 one7two99 at protonmail.com
Wed Sep 27 11:04:24 CEST 2017


as I can always reflash with the stock ROM I've decided to give it a try and splitted the generated 12 MB coreboot.rom as mentioned in my last email:

> to flash the upper 4 MB part of the BIOS:
> dd of=x230-4mb.rom bs=1M if=build/coreboot.rom skip=8
> to flash the 8 mb chip I'll try:
> dd of=x230-8mb.rom bs=1M if=build/coreboot.rom count=8

After flashing those files to both chips the Laptop boots up fine and I can boot Qubes and also Windows including graphics.
Unfortunately the two added Payloads are not working:

I get only a black backlight illuminated blank screen when hitting ESC and choosing one of the secondary Payloads.

My guess is, that something with the CBFS filesize is not correct, I've set it to 0x400000.

Any idea how to investigate this problem further?


Question: Is the above approach correct? I tried so already once but it didn't work (short flashing of Power-On-button -> nothing more) [799]
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