[coreboot] ASUS P2-99 with P2B config

Branden Waldner scruffy99 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 24 07:21:20 CEST 2017

Hi all,

I wasn't planning on posting unless I could actually contribute
something, but since Keith Hui posted last month about his work on
CBMEM for 440BX and ACPI, I figured I should do some proper testing
and at least post if it worked out.

I'm running coreboot on a ASUS P2-99 board with the config copied
straight from P2B. It's not perfect, but it is stable and I haven't
found anything that doesn't work that did with the original firmware.

Testing I did over the past week:

1. Actually made a seperate P2-99 config, I'd been using vanilla P2B
with no renaming for a few months on it.

2. Built it properly with coreboot crossgcc. Previously I couldn't
build it on amd64 Debian Sid but worked fine with the Debian
toolchain. Now it builds fine on amd64 sid and stretch, but fails
patching gcc-6.3.0_nds32_ite.patch on i686 Debian stretch and jessiie.

3. Setup a serial console - seems to work fine. I was using I
different board for flashing anyway, since flashrom doesn't know the
board enable and the asus flasher only works on with original firmware
to find the board enable - it can flash coreboot though if you use the
right flag to tell it to flash the whole rom.

4. Tried Keith Hui's ACPI patches
(https://review.coreboot.org/c/22067/). It has no problem booting or
restarting, but linux complains about the acpi. Didn't really expect
it to work properly on a different board anyway.

As it stands now, all I've done is run it with a P2B config and not
verified if everything is working as it should, I barely have beginner
knowledge of C and nothing on low level x86 or acpi, so I can't
actually do anything but testing. I can't upload board status for it
since it's a P2-99 not P2B. I'm also still stuck with with using
another board and hot swapping chips to flash roms. I should probably
post on the flashrom list that the board I'm flashing with works as
well as see if anyone knows anything about the asus board enable (it's
getting pretty old).

The main reason I'm posting is to say I can test patches the patches
Keith Hui has been working on and post logs. I'd also be glad for any
other recommendations on what I can do to help with this system.

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