[coreboot] Thinkpad T430s, grub2 40sec lags, disable SATA ports 2~5?

Kyle K kylek389 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 25 20:04:57 CEST 2017


I had a great success of compiling and flashing latest git of Coreboot 
onto T430s laptop that I have https://i.redd.it/n3mldxw43xtz.jpg

I have learned a lot and would like to thank all the developers and 
contributors for all the hard work they did.

I have been experiencing issue with grub2 (grub2 is my payload) where it 
lags/hangs for 40 seconds each time I do a 'ls' in '>grub ' shell. I 
believe this is due to Coreboot exposing 6 SATA ports to grub2 and OS. 
My grub.cfg is composed of functions such as 'for ahci0 ahci1 ahciX' 
that go through some disks and partitions to find an OS to boot from (I 
dumped grub.cfg from libreboot and used it in my coreboot.rom), with 
40sec access lags this leads to unbootable OS and I boot by issuing 
commands manually from grub rescue shell.

When I 'rmmod ahci' all the lags go away, typing 'ls' lists "(memdisk) 
(cbfsdisk)" instantly. However I need ahci for obvious reasons. How can 
I tweak the sata_port_map value to only enable first 2 SATA ports? Port 
0 for my SSD and Port 1 for the CD-ROM?

I believe in src/mainboard/lenovo/t430s/devicetree.cb I could change the 
value [  register "sata_port_map" = "0x17"  ]. However I'm not sure what 
the value should be. Please help and advise. Thanks

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