[coreboot] vboot/futility: Two Clang 5 warnings: address-of-packed-member and enum-conversion

Paul Menzel paulepanter at users.sourceforge.net
Sat Oct 7 11:05:25 CEST 2017

Dear coreboot folks,

Clang 5.0 shows the warnings below. I don’t know if Clang 4.0 also
warns about these.

    CC            firmware/lib/vboot_api_kernel.o
firmware/lib/vboot_api_kernel.c:334:26: error: taking address of packed member 'kernel_version_tpm' of class or structure
      'VbSharedDataHeader' may result in an unaligned pointer value [-Werror,-Waddress-of-packed-member]
        if (RollbackKernelRead(&shared->kernel_version_tpm)) {
firmware/lib/vboot_api_kernel.c:512:16: error: implicit conversion from enumeration type 'enum vb2_nv_param' to different enumeration type
      'VbNvParam' (aka 'enum VbNvParam') [-Werror,-Wenum-conversion]
        ~~~~~~~       ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
2 errors generated.


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