[coreboot] Suggestions for efficient development setup for Google Chromebooks

Vadim Bendebury vbendeb at chromium.org
Tue Oct 3 02:24:14 CEST 2017

Yes, it will require user authorization, there will also be an RMA case
with its own authorization scheme.


On Mon, Oct 2, 2017 at 5:16 PM, Trammell Hudson <hudson at trmm.net> wrote:

> On Mon, Oct 02, 2017 at 05:02:40PM -0700, Vadim Bendebury wrote:
> > note that this debug header is going away in new Chrome OS designs. Its
> > functionality is going to be provided by the closed case debugging (aka
> > CCD) facility, where authorized user using a special debug cable can gain
> > access to the AP and EC consoles, reprogram  AP and EC firmware, etc.
> Will the closed chassis debugging require user authorization of some sort
> and perhaps only be effective in developer mode?  One of the major
> concerns with the Intel SVT adapter is that it claims to work "where
> USB3-hosted DCI is unavailable", including cold-boot:
> https://designintools.intel.com/product_p/itpxdpsvt.htm
> There were talks about it at CCC and HITB:
> https://conference.hitb.org/hitbsecconf2017ams/materials/
> D2T4%20-%20Maxim%20Goryachy%20and%20Mark%20Ermalov%20-%
> 20Intel%20DCI%20Secrets.pdf
> Hopefully the Chromebook CCD doesn't turn into an evil-maid toolkit...
> --
> Trammell
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