[coreboot] Is Goryachy's JTAG hack a chance for free firmware ?

Taiidan at gmx.com Taiidan at gmx.com
Thu Nov 30 10:44:04 CET 2017

It doesn't matter - Intel will simply fix this exploit leaving you back 
where you started and in the end you would still be supporting them 
monetary to make bigger and better methods of anti-feature 
technology...there also isn't any way to be sure that the hypothetical 
ME uber-rootkit isn't simply placating you (ie: a faux shell) and is 
still spying on you without you noticing.

The future is not x86-64, think 10 years ago when everyone said there 
would never be any games for linux - now there are many native 
non-emulated AAA games available.

I believe some day soon we will see a POWER laptop, even 5 years ago 
people would say that something like TALOS 2 couldn't be done and look 
where we are now! (Let us hope those with the funds and need for that 
level of performance will get one instead of an x86-64 system)
If enough people have POWER systems the market will emerge for a mobile 
workstation to support development operations.

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