[coreboot] Where do we stand for Thinkpad X230 Tablet?

Keith Hui buurin at gmail.com
Sat Nov 25 18:34:11 CET 2017

Hi coreboot,

I am still using the Thinkpad X230 Tablet I first mentioned in 2012.
[1] Now we have pretty decent support for Thinkpad X230, but it seems
to be for the regular variant, with only a passiing mention of
digitizer working on X230T.

Mine is now set up for UEFI booting.

So, where do we stand on support for UEFI (Tianocore?) and coreboot
x230? Can I use the same build for both X230 and X230T? What else
would I miss?

Except the wifi whitelist, my X230T has been better than all my
previous laptops. I know I need to find a SOIC8 test clip and a SPI
programmer (I think I'll try an Arduino solution first, with a Mega
2560 lying around) and most of what I need to do to build a working

Appreciate any insights.


[1] https://mail.coreboot.org/pipermail/coreboot/2012-September/071499.html

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