[coreboot] blobs: is there a reason for intel microcode version 20150121?

Zoran Stojsavljevic zoran.stojsavljevic at gmail.com
Tue Nov 21 15:43:16 CET 2017

> That's not enough. The integers in the url of
> https://review.coreboot.org/cgit/blobs.git/tree/cpu/intel/mi
> change aswell, not just MICROCODE_VERSION.

I am empirical/practical guy, mit wenig Zeit (zu viele Dinge zu tun), dann
ich sole super schnell Denken machen (taking some German practice as well,
I must, it is bad).

I see some of earlier MCU packet downloads, so these are the following:

[image: Inline image 1]

As we all in Coreboot now see (attn: Martin, Patrick, Ron, Stefan), the
latest and greatest you pointed to should be taken and implemented. It
is, (Mein
Gott), ~ 4,5x size
of old currently used (20150121), so, my best guess, action is here needed
on behalf of above mentioned people (to enrich Coreboot MCU database).

> So if you're suggesting that a download fails, that's not the issue.

NOPE! I did/do not suggest that (it is, maybe, language limitation, I feel
all the time in German). I suggest to add the 4th I/F (*dump_cpuids*) in
the update-microcodes.sh_

Then, the following file I got from it on 20150121 (attached to this email

Furthermore, since you are targeting Haswell, luckily enough, my HP
EliteBook 840 G1 is based upon i3-4300U Haswell. What do I have here?


[user at localhost microcode]$ uname -r
[user at localhost microcode]$ dmesg | grep i5
*[    0.100550] smpboot: CPU0: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4300U CPU @ 1.90GHz
(family: 0x6, model: 0x45, stepping: 0x1)*
[user at localhost microcode]$

This is CPUID 0x40651 (I know this by heart, no questions asked)! ;-)

Now, if you search the file on 40651 I have created and attached on this
email, you'll get the following:

Model: 40651(4065x)  Microcode: microcode-m7240651_0000001c.h (copied)

I guess, for one, who is smart, I gave even redundant info. ;-)

Good Luck,
Zoran Stojsavljevic

PS. Please, google what MCU is (Micro Code Unit and purpose of it), I am
too lazy to write about it!

On Tue, Nov 21, 2017 at 1:48 PM, Martin Kepplinger <martink at posteo.de>

> Am 21.11.2017 12:42 schrieb Zoran Stojsavljevic:
>> I know very little about it really. It may well be potentially bad
>> to simply use the latest version,
>>> but in case it's really only because nobody did it, I might prepare
>> a patch to use
>>> downloadmirror.intel.com/27337/eng/microcode-20171117.tgz [1]
>> instead (someday, after
>>> I testing it on my device).
>> To understand what is really going on, I did the following
>> investigation on my only coreboot clone version,
>> I have on my current SSD the following: WIN10, using VMware®
>> Workstation 12 Player, version  12.5.8 build-7098237
>> with Fedora 26 VM, where the coreboot is located.
>> CLI transcript follows:
>> _[user at localhost coreboot]$ pwd_
>> _/home/user/projects/coreboot/coreboot_
>> _[user at localhost coreboot]$ git describe_
>> _4.5-1006-gef7e98a2ac_
>> _[user at localhost coreboot]$ grep -r 20150121 *_
>> _3rdparty/blobs/cpu/intel/microcode/update-microcodes.sh:
>> _[user at localhost coreboot]$ cd 3rdparty/blobs/cpu/intel/microcode_
>> _[user at localhost microcode]$ ls -al_
>> _total 24_
>> _drwxrwxr-x.  2 user user 12288 Nov 21 12:27 ._
>> _drwxrwxr-x. 24 user user  4096 Feb 18  2017 .._
>> _-rwxrwxr-x.  1 user user  1782 Feb 18  2017 microcode2bin.sh_
>> _-rwxrwxr-x.  1 user user  2989 Nov 21 12:27 update-microcodes.sh_
>> _[user at localhost microcode]$ tail -10 update-microcodes.sh _
>> _}_
>> _get_microcode_
>> _separate_microcode_
>> _move_microcode_
>> _DUMP_CPUIDS <<=========================== I ADDED THIS LINE OF CODE
>> _rm -f $MICROCODE_FILE_
>> _[user at localhost microcode]$ _
>> Now, you can substitute 20150121.tgz with 20171117 [1].tgz in bash
>> shell script update-microcodes.sh and see what will happen?!
> That's not enough. The integers in the url of
> https://review.coreboot.org/cgit/blobs.git/tree/cpu/intel/mi
> crocode/update-microcodes.sh#n24
> change aswell, not just MICROCODE_VERSION.
> So if you're suggesting that a download fails, that's not the issue.
> But maybe I got you wrong. Anyways, I haven't tried to change and run it.
> I might. so...
> thanks
>                              martin
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[user at localhost microcode]$ ./update-microcodes.sh 
Getting microcode...
2017-11-21 12:27:28 URL:http://downloadmirror.intel.com/24661/eng/microcode-20150121.tgz [850761/850761] -> "microcode-20150121.tgz" [1]
Separating microcode...
Moving microcode...
Model: 10661  Microcode: microcode-m011066143.h (erased)
Model: 10661  Microcode: microcode-m021066142.h (erased)
Model: 10661  Microcode: microcode-m801066144.h (erased)
Model: 10676(1067x)  Microcode: microcode-m011067660F.h (copied)
Model: 10676(1067x)  Microcode: microcode-m041067660F.h (copied)
Model: 10676(1067x)  Microcode: microcode-m101067660F.h (copied)
Model: 10676(1067x)  Microcode: microcode-m401067660F.h (copied)
Model: 10676(1067x)  Microcode: microcode-m801067660F.h (copied)
Model: 10677(1067x)  Microcode: microcode-m101067770A.h (copied)
Model: 1067a(1067x)  Microcode: microcode-m111067AA0B.h (copied)
Model: 1067a(1067x)  Microcode: microcode-m441067AA0B.h (copied)
Model: 1067a(1067x)  Microcode: microcode-mA01067AA0B.h (copied)
Model: 106a4  Microcode: microcode-m03106a4_00000012.h (erased)
Model: 106a5  Microcode: microcode-m03106a5_00000019.h (erased)
Model: 106c2(106cx)  Microcode: microcode-M01106C2217.h (copied)
Model: 106c2(106cx)  Microcode: microcode-M04106C2218.h (copied)
Model: 106c2(106cx)  Microcode: microcode-M08106C2219.h (copied)
Model: 106ca(106cx)  Microcode: microcode-M01106CA107.h (copied)
Model: 106ca(106cx)  Microcode: microcode-M04106CA107.h (copied)
Model: 106ca(106cx)  Microcode: microcode-M08106CA107.h (copied)
Model: 106ca(106cx)  Microcode: microcode-M10106CA107.h (copied)
Model: 106d1  Microcode: microcode-m08106d129.h (erased)
Model: 106e4  Microcode: microcode-m09106e4_00000003.h (erased)
Model: 106e5  Microcode: microcode-m13106e5_00000007.h (erased)
Model: 1632  Microcode: microcode-MU163202.h (erased)
Model: 20652(2065x)  Microcode: microcode-m1220652_0000000e.h (copied)
Model: 20655(2065x)  Microcode: microcode-m9220655_00000004.h (copied)
Model: 20661  Microcode: microcode-M0120661104.h (erased)
Model: 20661  Microcode: microcode-M0220661105_CV.h (erased)
Model: 206a7(206ax)  Microcode: microcode-m12206a7_00000029.h (copied)
Model: 206d6  Microcode: microcode-m6d206d6_00000619.h (erased)
Model: 206d7  Microcode: microcode-m6d206d7_00000710.h (erased)
Model: 206f2  Microcode: microcode-m05206f2_00000037.h (erased)
Model: 306a9(306ax)  Microcode: microcode-m12306a9_0000001b.h (copied)
Model: 306c3(306cx)  Microcode: microcode-m32306c3_0000001c.h (copied)
Model: 306d4  Microcode: microcode-mc0306d4_00000018.h (erased)
Model: 306e4  Microcode: microcode-med306e4_00000428.h (erased)
Model: 306e6  Microcode: microcode-med306e6_00000600.h (erased)
Model: 306e7  Microcode: microcode-med306e7_0000070d.h (erased)
Model: 306f2  Microcode: microcode-m6f306f2_00000029.h (erased)
Model: 40651(4065x)  Microcode: microcode-m7240651_0000001c.h (copied)
Model: 40661  Microcode: microcode-m3240661_00000012.h (erased)
Model: 650(65x)  Microcode: microcode-MU165040.h (copied)
Model: 650(65x)  Microcode: microcode-MU165041.h (copied)
Model: 650(65x)  Microcode: microcode-MU165045.h (copied)
Model: 651(65x)  Microcode: microcode-MU165140.h (copied)
Model: 652(65x)  Microcode: microcode-MU16522a.h (copied)
Model: 652(65x)  Microcode: microcode-MU16522c.h (copied)
Model: 652(65x)  Microcode: microcode-MU26522b.h (copied)
Model: 653(65x)  Microcode: microcode-MU16530c.h (copied)
Model: 653(65x)  Microcode: microcode-MU16530d.h (copied)
Model: 653(65x)  Microcode: microcode-MU165310.h (copied)
Model: 653(65x)  Microcode: microcode-MU26530b.h (copied)
Model: 660(6xx)  Microcode: microcode-MU16600a.h (copied)
Model: 665(6xx)  Microcode: microcode-MU166503.h (copied)
Model: 66a(6xx)  Microcode: microcode-MU166a0b.h (copied)
Model: 66a(6xx)  Microcode: microcode-MU166a0c.h (copied)
Model: 66a(6xx)  Microcode: microcode-MU166a0d.h (copied)
Model: 66d(6xx)  Microcode: microcode-MU166d05.h (copied)
Model: 66d(6xx)  Microcode: microcode-MU166d06.h (copied)
Model: 66d(6xx)  Microcode: microcode-MU166d07.h (copied)
Model: 671(67x)  Microcode: microcode-mu267114.h (copied)
Model: 672(67x)  Microcode: microcode-mu267238.h (copied)
Model: 673(67x)  Microcode: microcode-mu26732e.h (copied)
Model: 681(68x)  Microcode: microcode-MU16810d.h (copied)
Model: 681(68x)  Microcode: microcode-MU16810e.h (copied)
Model: 681(68x)  Microcode: microcode-MU16810f.h (copied)
Model: 681(68x)  Microcode: microcode-MU168111.h (copied)
Model: 681(68x)  Microcode: microcode-MU268110.h (copied)
Model: 683(68x)  Microcode: microcode-MU168307.h (copied)
Model: 683(68x)  Microcode: microcode-MU168308.h (copied)
Model: 686(68x)  Microcode: microcode-MU168607.h (copied)
Model: 686(68x)  Microcode: microcode-MU168608.h (copied)
Model: 686(68x)  Microcode: microcode-MU16860a.h (copied)
Model: 686(68x)  Microcode: microcode-MU16860c.h (copied)
Model: 686(68x)  Microcode: microcode-MU268602.h (copied)
Model: 68a(68x)  Microcode: microcode-MU168a01.h (copied)
Model: 68a(68x)  Microcode: microcode-MU168a04.h (copied)
Model: 68a(68x)  Microcode: microcode-MU168a05.h (copied)
Model: 695(69x)  Microcode: microcode-m1069507.h (copied)
Model: 695(69x)  Microcode: microcode-m2069507.h (copied)
Model: 695(69x)  Microcode: microcode-m8069547.h (copied)
Model: 6a0(6xx)  Microcode: microcode-mu26a003.h (copied)
Model: 6a1(6xx)  Microcode: microcode-mu26a101.h (copied)
Model: 6b1(6bx)  Microcode: microcode-MU16b11c.h (copied)
Model: 6b1(6bx)  Microcode: microcode-MU16b11d.h (copied)
Model: 6b4(6bx)  Microcode: microcode-MU16b401.h (copied)
Model: 6b4(6bx)  Microcode: microcode-MU16b402.h (copied)
Model: 6d6(6dx)  Microcode: microcode-m206d618.h (copied)
Model: 6e8(6ex)  Microcode: microcode-m206e839.h (copied)
Model: 6ec(6ex)  Microcode: microcode-m206ec54.h (copied)
Model: 6ec(6ex)  Microcode: microcode-m806ec59.h (copied)
Model: 6f2(6fx)  Microcode: microcode-m16f25d.h (copied)
Model: 6f2(6fx)  Microcode: microcode-m206f25c.h (copied)
Model: 6f6(6fx)  Microcode: microcode-m16f6d0.h (copied)
Model: 6f6(6fx)  Microcode: microcode-m206f6d1.h (copied)
Model: 6f6(6fx)  Microcode: microcode-m46f6d2.h (copied)
Model: 6f7(6fx)  Microcode: microcode-m106f76a.h (copied)
Model: 6f7(6fx)  Microcode: microcode-m406f76b.h (copied)
Model: 6fa(6fx)  Microcode: microcode-m806fa95.h (copied)
Model: 6fb(6fx)  Microcode: microcode-m016fbBA.h (copied)
Model: 6fb(6fx)  Microcode: microcode-m046fbBC.h (copied)
Model: 6fb(6fx)  Microcode: microcode-m086fbBB.h (copied)
Model: 6fb(6fx)  Microcode: microcode-m106fbBA.h (copied)
Model: 6fb(6fx)  Microcode: microcode-m206fbBA.h (copied)
Model: 6fb(6fx)  Microcode: microcode-m406fbBC.h (copied)
Model: 6fb(6fx)  Microcode: microcode-m806fbBA.h (copied)
Model: 6fd(6fx)  Microcode: microcode-m16fda4.h (copied)
Model: 6fd(6fx)  Microcode: microcode-m206fda4.h (copied)
Model: 6fd(6fx)  Microcode: microcode-m806fda4.h (copied)
Model: f07(f0x)  Microcode: microcode-2f0708.h (copied)
Model: f07(f0x)  Microcode: microcode-m01f0712.h (copied)
Model: f0a(f0x)  Microcode: microcode-m01f0a13.h (copied)
Model: f0a(f0x)  Microcode: microcode-m02f0a15.h (copied)
Model: f0a(f0x)  Microcode: microcode-m04f0a14.h (copied)
Model: f12(f1x)  Microcode: microcode-m04f122e.h (copied)
Model: f24(f2x)  Microcode: microcode-m02f241f.h (copied)
Model: f24(f2x)  Microcode: microcode-m04f241e.h (copied)
Model: f24(f2x)  Microcode: microcode-m10f2421.h (copied)
Model: f25(f2x)  Microcode: microcode-m01f2529.h (copied)
Model: f25(f2x)  Microcode: microcode-m02f252a.h (copied)
Model: f25(f2x)  Microcode: microcode-m04f252b.h (copied)
Model: f25(f2x)  Microcode: microcode-m10f252c.h (copied)
Model: f26(f2x)  Microcode: microcode-m02f2610.h (copied)
Model: f27(f2x)  Microcode: microcode-m02f2738.h (copied)
Model: f27(f2x)  Microcode: microcode-m04f2737.h (copied)
Model: f27(f2x)  Microcode: microcode-m08f2739.h (copied)
Model: f29(f2x)  Microcode: microcode-m02f292d.h (copied)
Model: f29(f2x)  Microcode: microcode-m04f292e.h (copied)
Model: f29(f2x)  Microcode: microcode-m08f292f.h (copied)
Model: f32(f3x)  Microcode: microcode-m0df320a.h (copied)
Model: f33(f3x)  Microcode: microcode-m0df330c.h (copied)
Model: f34(f3x)  Microcode: microcode-m1df3417.h (copied)
Model: f41(f4x)  Microcode: microcode-m02f4116.h (copied)
Model: f41(f4x)  Microcode: microcode-mbdf4117.h (copied)
Model: f43(f4x)  Microcode: microcode-m9df4305.h (copied)
Model: f44(f4x)  Microcode: microcode-m9df4406.h (copied)
Model: f47(f4x)  Microcode: microcode-m9df4703.h (copied)
Model: f48(f4x)  Microcode: microcode-m01f480c.h (copied)
Model: f48(f4x)  Microcode: microcode-m02f480e.h (copied)
Model: f48(f4x)  Microcode: microcode-m5ff4807.h (copied)
Model: f49(f4x)  Microcode: microcode-mbdf4903.h (copied)
Model: f4a(f4x)  Microcode: microcode-m5cf4a04.h (copied)
Model: f4a(f4x)  Microcode: microcode-m5df4a02.h (copied)
Model: f62  Microcode: microcode-m04f620f.h (erased)
Model: f64  Microcode: microcode-m01f6402.h (erased)
Model: f64  Microcode: microcode-m34f6404.h (erased)
Model: f65  Microcode: microcode-m01f6508.h (erased)
Model: f68  Microcode: microcode-m22f6809.h (erased)
ls: cannot access 'microcode-*.h': No such file or directory
[user at localhost microcode]$

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