[coreboot] Problems changing payload on Intel Leaf Hill

Cameron Craig Cameron.Craig at exterity.com
Fri Nov 10 09:54:35 CET 2017

Hi Ahwan,

>​I have requested FSP MR2 but yet to receive it.
>But I checked the FSP file included in ​Apollo_Lake_CB_MR3 release and it has
>the same cksum with the FSP MR3 I have.
>And this Apollo_Lake_CB_MR3 pre-compiled coreboot image is bootable on
>my CRB! :( Confusing...

Yes, it is strange.
Something has changed between coreboot MR3 (not sure which cb version that corresponds with) and coreboot 4.6 that breaks compatibility with FSP MR3.

>BTW, I notice this in your config:-
>  CONFIG_CPU_UCODE_BINARIES="blobs/microcode_patch_1.bin"
>I didn't set this in my previous configuration.
>Is this from FIT tool?
>I noticed there are 2 files after decomposing with FIT tool, "uCode Patch 1.bin"
>& "uCode Patch 2.bin"
>But you only need 1 file here?

Yeah, I must have renamed "uCode Patch 1.bin"  to "microcode_patch_1.bin".
Strictly speaking (to operate within spec) I should probably have the other microcode blob there too.


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