[coreboot] New bugtracker/wiki registration process - please do not use freenode irc servers

dz6g239 at tuta.io dz6g239 at tuta.io
Thu Nov 2 19:26:18 CET 2017

First: We want to make the registration progress more simple and fast. Have you read the broken (later more about that) howto you have posted? Tor users should not have to do anything more of work then regular users do. Otherwise it would be a discrimination of people who support tor. Its of course also agains the net neutrality. Data packages that have been send by different IP-Adresses should not be handled different.

Second: Have you followed the howto by yourself? It writes at a point "First, you are going to need log into your Freenode account. ". I dont have a Freenode account and i dont think that everyone who want to register to coreboot to report a bug should already have a freenode account or otherwise he is lost. That would be a horrible situation.

Third: The idea was/is to use a webchat link for verification. I dont know any SASL supporting webchat services that are able to connect to .onion IRC servers.

So if IRC verification should be enabled for some reason, please run your own IRC server where you know by yourself that it does not block any single valid IP address from this planet.


> On 31.10.2017 15:50, > dz6g239 at tuta.io>  wrote:
>> There was a talk about the registration process on the wiki and the
>> bugtracker. [...]
>> The coreboot maintainer agreed that the recent registration process
>> should be changed. There was a talk about to use a irc bot + webchat
>> for that instead of the more common captcha.[...]
>> But please dont use freenode irc or any other IRC server that are
>> blocking TOR users.
> https://freenode.net/kb/answer/chat>  contradicts your claims.
> There are loads of people on the net disagreeing with you as well, and
> there are even HowTos:
> https://medium.com/@defcon201/tutorial-connecting-to-freenode-via-tor-like-a-boss-f8d74199b634
> So... have you actually tried it?
> Regards,
> Carl-Daniel
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