[coreboot] SPI Flash does not work on Intel LeafHill CRB

Toan Le manh lemanhtoantb at gmail.com
Thu Mar 30 11:00:31 CEST 2017

Thanks Andrey,  that was what I mean.
I tried as your suggestion: flashed an 8 MB Intel-provided image, read back
from SPI chip right after flashing, got a 16 MB file (since SPI chip is 16
MB size).
The first 8 MB of 2 files are exactly the same. So, flashing should work

I also went through coreboot mailing list and saw this thread:
The guy here got the same problem with me:

>* Currently:*

>* DS6B1 : Green ON*

>* DS6B2 : Green ON*

>* DS2C1 : OFF*

> *DS3B1 : RED ON*

> >* No Output on serial console or HDMI. *

And you commented:

Red light is never a good sign. Do you have a way to know if PLTRST# has
> been de-asserted?

Another thing is that when you stitch with FIT you need to turn off boot
> guard completely. I suspect you have it on and that makes CSE to check
> signatures. Please check that in Platform protection -> Bootguard
> configuration it is set to "bootguard profile 0 - legacy". Then try
> restitching fit image and rebuilding coreboot again.

- Andrey

In my case:
- PLTRST#  has not been de-asserted. I plugged a PostCode display module in
the CRB and RST LED is always Green ON.
- Bootguard configuration is already set to  "bootguard profile 0 - legacy".

Could you please give me further advice?
Thanks a lot.
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