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Julius Werner jwerner at chromium.org
Tue Mar 28 23:21:36 CEST 2017

> As fallback/payload is compressed in bios.bin, I'm not sure what strings
> will provide.
> I did run strings on bios.bin (as well as looking at it in hex editor) and
> found nothing
> explicitly suggesting depthcharge (or u-boot for that matter) was the
> payload.  I made
> assumption u-boot was payload based on presence of u-boot.dtb file in
> bios.bin.

u-boot.dtb is an ancient leftover that we haven't bothered to remove yet
(or, rather, I think it might actually be gone from the latest boards...
try a Kevin image). IIRC it actually contains the coreboot config or
something weird? Anyway, red herring.

> I welcome pointers to online documentation (either coreboot or chromiumos)
> that more clearly discuss coreboot inclusion within chromiumos build and
> development cycle.

Not much documentation unfortunately, in part because it keeps changing too
often to be worth documenting. Your best bet is to just look at the ebuild
sources directly:


Hope you like portage, because that's all we have! ;)
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