[coreboot] Group demographics

Julius Werner jwerner at chromium.org
Sat Mar 25 01:42:00 CET 2017

>  * Google's recovery manifest (from linux_recovery.sh) can pull a recovery
> image for a specific product, I have yet to find depthcharge as a payload
>  * Obviously I haven't pulled all of the recovery images, but have looked
> at ~10
>  * those interested in recovery image, /usr/sbin/chromeos_firmwareupdate
> --sb_extract yields a bios.bin file that cbfstool can parse (i.e. is a
> coreboot.rom file)

All non-x86 Chromebooks that use coreboot also use depthcharge. What
exactly do you mean when you say you can't find it? If you parse bios.bin
with cbfstool print, you should see a "fallback/payload" file... that is
depthcharge. (coreboot always requires the payload to just be called
"payload" in CBFS, regardless of what it actually is.) You can extract it
and run 'strings' on it to confirm.
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