[coreboot] Maintain boot order for multiple EFI based OS

Sibi.Rajasekaran at dell.com Sibi.Rajasekaran at dell.com
Fri Mar 24 14:02:40 CET 2017

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Hi Matt,
Thanks for the prompt response.
I am using Rangeley FSP in my coreboot environment and I don’t see mrc cache in the coreboot region even though I chose to use MRC Cache in the config.
Performing operation on 'COREBOOT' region...
Name                           Offset     Type         Size
cbfs master header             0x0        cbfs header  32
fallback/romstage              0x80       stage        27612
cpu_microcode_blob.bin         0x6cc0     microcode    167936
fallback/ramstage              0x2fd40    stage        121204
config                         0x4d700    raw          539
revision                       0x4d980    raw          588
cmos_layout.bin                0x4dc40    cmos_layout  1320
fallback/dsdt.aml              0x4e1c0    raw          8074
fallback/payload               0x501c0    payload      648600
img/memtest                    0xee7c0    payload      180268
(empty)                        0x11a840   null         415320
fsp.bin                        0x17fec0   fsp          389120
(empty)                        0x1def00   null         132504
bootblock                      0x1ff4c0   bootblock    2560

I had built the tianocore long before(may be 6 months back) and I am pretty sure I chose release payload.

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For your question, takes around 26 seconds from power On till Tianocore execute completion. Looking at reducing this boot time.

Sibi, if you're not using mrc cache for RAM training, that's likely contributing 10s or so at least.  Have you enabled coreboot timestamps and used cbmem to examine time to payload execute?  Also, building Tianocore in debug (vs release) mode adds a bit of time as well due to the volume of serial output.  I use coreboot + Tianocore on Baytrail N28xx/29xx (though not with FSP) and normal boot (after RAM training) with a release payload is on the order of 2s, with coreboot taking about 6-700ms of that.
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