[coreboot] Maintain boot order for multiple EFI based OS

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Hello All,
Thank you for the responses.

Hello Zoran,
For your question, takes around 26 seconds from power On till Tianocore execute completion. Looking at reducing this boot time.

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Hello Sibi,

The answer to your question lies outside of Coreboot domain. After bringing Tiano Core, you need to bring the next phase of booting: OS boot loader. The best for you is to use GRUB2. Then, from GRUB2 menu (/boot/efi/EFI/.../grub.cfg) you can choose your OS (either WIN8+, either any modern Linux distro). You can have up to 128 of them, as my best understanding is.

So: Coreboot intermingled with FSP -> Coreboot -> Tiano Core -> GRUB2 -> Any UEFI compliant OS.

I have here two questions:
[1: For general Coreboot population] After having Tiano Core payload executed, how Tiano Core is linked with the next booting phase: GRUB2?
[2: for Sibi] What are the fastest and average booting times from board Power On till post executing Tiano Core?

Thank you,

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We are using the coreboot project with Intel fsp to boot the Intel Rangeley based Mohonpeak CPU. We have built the Tianocore EDK2 project and used it as the payload to bring UEFI services to this bootloader. With this payload, we are able to boot a EFI based OS successfully.

As a next step, we are looking at installing multiple EFI OS and maintaining boot order among the OS.
How is boot order maintained with UEFI payload?
Is it through EFI NVRAM variables? If so, does coreboot support NVRAM variables?

Can you please point us in the right direction.


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