[coreboot] Disabling Auto-Refresh of DRAM Using Coreboot

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Fri Mar 24 03:35:59 CET 2017

Berj K Chilingirian wrote:
> I was hoping to get some advice/guidance on how to disable the
> automatic refresh of the DRAM during the ROM stage of coreboot.

Reset the memory controller, or the entire platform.

Or, if you find no software solution, maybe you can use a fast FET or
logic gate on chip select or another key signal, and use your choice
of microcontroller to block refreshes. I don't know if DRAM needs to
reply to refreshes, in that case the idea will probably /not/ work,
the memory controller will probably get upset without replies.

If you do try it, remember to gate the gate such that it never
switches in the middle of transactions/commands.

Regardless of how you succeed, I'm interested in your findings.


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