[coreboot] Power supply and X220

John Lewis jlewis at johnlewis.ie
Tue Mar 21 16:47:31 CET 2017

Dear Albin,

As for Persmule, I've never had the need to use an ATX power supply, or
anything beyond the external BBB power supply and the two 3.3v
pins/holes on the BBB itself when flashing Chromebooks externally.

If the chip isn't being recognised, the most likely culprits are:

1. That you attached the clip the wrong way round.

2. The pins on the clip aren't making proper contact with the legs on
the chip.

3. You've mis-wired the setup to begin with.



On 21/03/17 11:59, Persmule wrote:

> Dear Albin,
> You should only power your BBB with an external 5V power supplier, and
> connect its usb peripheral port to your controlling computer. I have
> never used any ATX power supplier for this, just the configuration I
> just described is enough.
> Best regards,
> Persmule
> 在 2017年03月21日 18:55, Albin 写道:
>> Dear Persmule,
>> First, thank you for your work on free software. I'm following your
>> guide[1] to replace Bios on my Thinkpad X220 with a neutralized
>> coreboot using a BBB rev. C and an ATX power supply for the v3.3 pin,
>> but flashrom is unable to recognize the chip. Did you have any
>> problems recognizing the chip on your device and do you have any
>> ideas of what to try?
>> "image" at #coreboot suggested that I should connect the power cable
>> to the machine instead of using an external power supply but I
>> haven't read anywhere that this should work or even be safe.
>> My current setup worked for reflashing a macbook2,1 but not for this
>> x220.
>> Again, any advice would be highly appreciated.
>> Best,
>> Albin
>> 1.
>> https://hardenedlinux.github.io/firmware/2016/11/17/neutralize_ME_firmware_on_sandybridge_and_ivybridge.html

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