[coreboot] How come the community meeting is hosted by proprietary software?

Taiidan at gmx.com Taiidan at gmx.com
Fri Mar 17 23:35:32 CET 2017

On 03/17/2017 10:25 AM, tturne at codeaurora.org wrote:

> I'm sorry, I have to contribute at this point.
> I got started with OSS in 2000 when Monta Vista Software (anybody 
> remember HardHat Linux?) hired me as a FAE.
> I was teamed with a salesperson and we were trying to close business 
> selling an embedded Linux distribution.
> Every 6 months or so we would have a sales meeting somewhere and 
> engineering would share with us the latest product development news, etc.
> Ahead of one of these meetings I happened to be in headquarters (Santa 
> Clara, CA) and remember very clearly the happy face of this 
> engineering manager who had just "wasted" (my opinion) 3-5 days 
> generating a presentation slide-deck with OSS (I don't even know if 
> Open Office was available at that time) for the meeting, instead of 
> spending two hours doing same presentation with Powerpoint.
> Just because I work with OSS doesn't automatically make me a zealot 
> for OSS as the only way to go.  I choose the correct tool to get the 
> job done.  I always hope for an OSS option, but to this day, Outlook 
> is the only product Micro$oft got right and I will choose it over any 
> of the OSS options I have tried as an email client.
> I will leave with, think of the contribution to Coreboot source code 
> this energy could generate instead of spending it on fixing a problem 
> that doesn't need fixing?
> Cheers,
> T.mike
I am a sysadmin not a programmer, so this is my department.

I believe it needs fixing - It is a philosophical issue, I mean you have 
to draw the line or you get the slippery slope for "just a little 
non-free here for convenience just this once" has lead to most of the 
community thinking that a system with 100% blobbed hw init is "free 
firmware" (coreboot just being a wrapper shim loader for FSP in that 
case) or that linux drivers with a binary blob are "open source drivers".
It is a matter of pride.

The linux communities quiet acceptance of things like ME/PSP (ex: why 
don't sysadmins say no and buy POWER?) - is because of philosophy-slacking.

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