[coreboot] Suspend-to-RAM on Thinkpad X230

Gert Menke gert at menke.ac
Tue Mar 14 09:40:39 CET 2017


forget everything I said; this was a hardware issue.

When I was first flashing coreboot, I had some problems with my SPI 
programmer and I was unsure if I had damaged the flash chip. So I 
replaced it (a MX25L3206E) with another one - a Winbond W25Q32 - that I 
programmed externally before soldering it on the board. I expected it to 
be sufficiently similar to the Macronix chip, and when flashing and 
booting and reprogramming from Linux worked without problems, I did no 
longer think about it. But obviously there are some subtle differences. 
I put back the MX25L3206E on the board, and now everyting, including 
suspend and resume, works fine.

Nevertheless, thanks for your help!


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