[coreboot] Where to get ME image/flash descriptors for the x220?

Zaolin zaolin at das-labor.org
Mon Mar 13 21:22:08 CET 2017

Have fun 

On 03/13/2017 09:11 PM, Taiidan at gmx.com wrote:
> On 03/08/2017 01:29 PM, Igor Skochinsky wrote:
>> Hello Taiidan,
>> Alas, the 8duj28us.exe update and a few others I checked do not seem 
>> to contain the ME region or the descriptor. There is 8duj28us.exe 
>> with the ME update but it requires an already running ME to be 
>> applied. You could in theory extract the partitions from it and 
>> assemble into a valid ME region by constructing an FPT but that's not 
>> trivial. I would suggest you to just take the descriptor and ME 
>> region from "random people on the internet". The descriptor does not 
>> contain any code and the ME firmware is signed by Intel so it can't 
>> be backdoored by randos (there are much easier ways to hack people 
>> than stealing keys from Intel).
> Damn :[
> There is also the .iso bios update with the .FL2 and FL1 files what 
> about that?
> I had heard rumors from a couple people that there are ME signing keys 
> floating around in the darknet on some elite hacker forums so I was 
> paranoid as I don't want to have my machine used to hack something 
> important.

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