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Sun Mar 5 16:30:16 CET 2017

Hello Mailing List,

I am all just about forum. Since I think forum is more clear, and better
organized (in my view/opinion). I do not like mailing lists. I hate them.

I admit complete defeat!

"If you can not defeat/beat them, you join them!" ;-)


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> A new post titled "Results of the coreboot "Mailing List vs Blog" poll"
> has been published on the coreboot blog. Find the full post at
> http://blogs.coreboot.org/blog/2017/03/04/results-of-
> the-coreboot-mailing-list-vs-blog-poll/
> A little while back, there were a few requests to switch from the mailing
> list format to a web-based forum for our official communication channel.
> The coreboot leadership wanted to see what the actual preferences of the
> coreboot community was, so I posted a poll.  The poll was publicized in IRC
> and on the mailing list itself, so should have been communicated to the
> people who would be most directly affected by any change.
> Poll results
> *Here are the overall results from all responses:*
> [image: Hate Mailing List:1, Prefer Forum: 6, Don't care: 2, Prefer
> Mailing list: 21, Hate Forum: 26]
> <https://i2.wp.com/blogs.coreboot.org/files/2017/03/All_results.png>
> All_responses
> We had a total of 60 valid responses, and I think the overall results
> pretty clearly indicate that the coreboot project should NOT move away from
> the mailing list.
> One suggestion was to split the communication into the mailing list for
> Developers, and a forum for non-developers. To see what the various groups
> thought, I made a few more charts:
> *Developer preferences:*
> [image: Prefer Forum: 1, Prefer Mailing list: 16, Hate Forum: 15, Other: 3]
> <https://i2.wp.com/blogs.coreboot.org/files/2017/03/Developer_results.png>Developer
> Responses
> So not unexpectedly, the coreboot developers even more overwhelmingly
> prefer the mailing list to the general results
> *Non-developer preferences:*
> [image: Hate Mailing list: 1, Prefer Forum: 5, Don't care: 2, Prefer
> Mailing list: 5, Hate Forum: 11, Other: 1]
> <https://i1.wp.com/blogs.coreboot.org/files/2017/03/Non-developer_results.png>Non-developer
> Responses
> So even within the non-developer group, there was a definite preference
> for the mailing list format.
> Finally, I broke the Non-developer group down into the group that said
> they were coreboot users, as opposed to those that mainly read the mailing
> list.
> *coreboot users (non-developers):*
> [image: Hate Mailing list: 1, Prefer Forum: 4, Prefer Mailing list: 4,
> Hate Forum: 5]
> <https://i2.wp.com/blogs.coreboot.org/files/2017/03/User_Non-Developer_results.png>coreboot
> Users (Non-Developers)
> That group had the highest percentage of people who preferred the forum,
> but it was still well under 40%.
> Suggestions
> We also asked people what we should do to improve the mailing list.
> Here’s a summary of the suggestions:
>    - Show people how to set up their (or a different) email client to
>    make reading the mailing list easier.
>    - Have people be more polite.
>    - Add a FAQ showing previously asked question and answers.
>    - A netiquette should be established like on the Linux kernel mailing
>    list.
>    - Several suggestions to improve the coreboot mailing list archive at
>    https://www.coreboot.org/pipermail/coreboot/
>    <https://www.coreboot.org/pipermail/coreboot/>
>       - Fix the archive so that long threads aren’t spread into different
>       sections by months.
>       - Add a search function to the archive
>       - Create monthly archives that can be downloaded (This exists.)
>       - Update from Pipermail to a more modern archiver like Hyperkitty –
>       https://pypi.python.org/pypi/HyperKitty
>       <https://pypi.python.org/pypi/HyperKitty>
> Since it doesn’t look like we’re going to switch to a forum, I’m not going
> to list the suggestions that people had for that.
> Follow-up
> Over the upcoming weeks, we’ll look at our options, and discuss our
> options and plans in the bi-weekly coreboot community meetings.
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