[coreboot] call on AMD to release src+specs+datasheets for ryzen

ron minnich rminnich at gmail.com
Sat Mar 4 00:26:13 CET 2017

So, first,  I admire and agree with your enthusiasm for making this happen.
I hope it works.

That said, having gotten vendors to break open this kind of information,
with a number of vendors a number of times, and having both failed and
succeeded, my experience is that a broadcast call like this is probably the
least effective approach.

So I'd rather not have the "coreboot community" join in this sort of call,
for the simple reason that I would rather see us place our efforts on
something that's likely to be effective. That  involves individual members
of our community spending lots of time locating the right people in the
right organizations, getting them into a single room, talking to them,
drafting documents, and getting them to agree to some sort of joint
communique. It's time consuming and boring but it's how the jobs gets done.
But, that work naturally occurs behind closed doors, not via web pages.

We could target putting a meeting with AMD together at the Denver meeting
or the one in the fall.
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