[coreboot] Some errors by compiling romstage (I am a newbie)

Maxim Gusev mail at maximgusev.com
Thu Mar 2 15:33:07 CET 2017

Hello, Aaron!

I am compiling sourses of my arch e2k.
I have compiled bootblock with my sources. There aren't my sources in other stages. I have create arch directory and mainboard directory where the sources are located.


/home/maxim/coreboot/util/crossgcc/xgcc/bin/linux-ld: warning: cannot find entry symbol start; defaulting to 0000000100187000
build/romstage/lib/imd_cbmem.o: In function `cbmem_add_bootmem':
/home/maxim/coreboot/src/lib/imd_cbmem.c:287: undefined reference to `bootmem_add_range'
build/romstage/lib/imd_cbmem.o: In function `cbmem_add_records_to_cbtable':
/home/maxim/coreboot/src/lib/imd_cbmem.c:314: undefined reference to `lb_new_record'
make: *** [build/cbfs/fallback/romstage.debug] Error 1

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On Thu, Mar 2, 2017 at 7:24 AM, Maxim Gusev via coreboot
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> Hi everbody!
> I have a question. Very hope for your help.
> When I am compiling the romstage there are 2 errors by the linker:
> Undefined refference to 'bootmem_add_range'
> Undefined refference to 'lb_new_record' in the imd_cbmem.c file (it is
> included in src/lib/Makefile.inc romstage).
> The definitions of these functions are in lib/bootmem.c and
> lib/coreboot_table.c accordingly.
> But I can't see the inclusion of these files in romstage in src/Makefile.inc
> (only in ramstage):
> ramstage-y += bootmem.c
> ramstage-y += coreboot_table.c
> How to solve this problem?
> The inclusion of these files produces a number of other errors, but nowhere
> in the code no one does it? Why only I am having this error.

What board are you building? Are you working on local patches to your
setup only? What does the build log indicate?

> In General, I don't even need these stages (romstage and ramstage) - I want
> to check the performance on real hardware the work of the bootblock, but the
> toolchain requires me to compile other stages. And the error occurs even not
> in my code, but my ignorance.
> Thanks a lot!
> Regards, Maxim
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