[coreboot] Some errors by compiling romstage (I am a newbie)

Maxim Gusev mail at maximgusev.com
Thu Mar 2 14:24:36 CET 2017

Hi everbody!

I have a question. Very hope for your help.

When I am compiling the romstage there are 2 errors by the linker:
Undefined refference to 'bootmem_add_range'
Undefined refference to 'lb_new_record' in the imd_cbmem.c file (it is included in src/lib/Makefile.inc romstage).

The definitions of these functions are in lib/bootmem.c and lib/coreboot_table.c accordingly.
But I can't see the inclusion of these files in romstage in src/Makefile.inc (only in ramstage):
ramstage-y += bootmem.c
ramstage-y += coreboot_table.c

How to solve this problem?
The inclusion of these files produces a number of other errors, but nowhere in the code no one does it? Why only I am having this error.

In General, I don't even need these stages (romstage and ramstage) - I want to check the performance on real hardware the work of the bootblock, but the toolchain requires me to compile other stages. And the error occurs even not in my code, but my ignorance.

Thanks a lot!
Regards, Maxim
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