[coreboot] ASUS KFSN4-DRE Automated Test Failure [master]

Nico Huber nico.h at gmx.de
Fri Jun 9 21:06:03 CEST 2017

On 09.06.2017 17:27, Raptor Engineering Automated Coreboot Test Stand wrote:
> The ASUS KFSN4-DRE fails verification for branch master as of commit 43dcbfd85581de4f173953282a4917c1ee9a5922
> The following tests failed:

May be fixed with https://review.coreboot.org/#/c/20131/. REACTS didn't
tell me (yet). Behaviour is still different from before the Kconfig
changes: SeaVGABIOS (cbvga) is now always included, also when running
in text mode (it seems there wasn't any VGA BIOS run before on REACTS,
don't know if SeaBIOS displayed anything at all in this config?).


> Commits since last successful test:
> 43dcbfd soc/braswell: fix ACPI table by recollecting TOLM
> debb785 purism/librem13v2: Update PCI config
> 0ff3b73 purism/librem13v2: Don't disable PM timer
> 9d8cd50 purism/librem13v2: Enable SATA, disable eMMC support
> 6b8570d purism/librem13v2: Add microcode values in Kconfig
> <24 commits skipped>
> 2e7f6cc fsp/gop: Add running the GOP to the choice of gfx init
> d4ebeaf device/Kconfig: Put gfx init methods into a `choice`
> 26ce9af device/Kconfig: Introduce MAINBOARD_FORCE_NATIVE_VGA_INIT
> eb881d4 3rdparty/libgfxinit: Update submodule pointer
> 7b79a33 3rdparty/libhwbase: Update submodule pointer
> See attached log for details
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