[coreboot] BUG : riscv register address is incorrect

王翔 merle at tya.email
Tue Jun 6 11:04:09 CEST 2017

I tried using spike to debug the coreboot code. But encountered a problem: **mcounteren/smcounteren** address is not correct.

The bug code is in `src/arch/riscv/virtual_memory.c`
313     // Enable all user/supervisor-mode counters using
314     // v1.9.1 register addresses.
315     // They moved from the earlier spec.
316     // Until we trust our toolchain use the hardcoded constants.
317     // These were in flux and people who get the older toolchain
318     // will have difficult-to-debug failures.
319     write_csr(/*mcounteren*/0x320, 7);       //this address shoud fix to 0x306
320     write_csr(/*scounteren*/0x321, 7);        //this address shoud fix to 0x106

I have already submitted a patch.





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