[coreboot] Gerrit update to 2.14

Patrick Georgi pgeorgi at google.com
Fri Jun 2 05:09:12 CEST 2017

Hi everybody,

I just updated Gerrit to 2.14, which brings some notable and user-visible
changes that you might want to deal with:

* There's a new UI based on Polymer. This will eventually replace the
current GWT based UI but isn't complete yet. There's a "new/old UI" toggle
near the end of the page.

* There's an assignee field now. This can denote responsibility (but comes
with no rights or obligations)

* Emails now ship with an HTML part. This can be disabled in your user
* speaking of emails: They changed the template format for the emails, so
now we could finally develop a new structure for gerrit's notification,
something people want for a long time but which I postponed to wait for
precisely this transition.
* speaking of emails, pt 2: There's now limited support for accepting
comments to changes in email replies. I'd need to enable it to work, but I
hereby want to gauge interest in such a feature.

Feedback welcome!

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