[coreboot] How to properly conform with GPLv2 for Coreboot and SeaBIOS on an embedded system

Lewis, Ian (Microstar Laboratories) ilewis at mstarlabs.com
Sat Dec 30 00:55:16 CET 2017

Hello Ron,


Thank you for the suggestion and the offer. The processor module is VEX-SOM from DMP/ICOP: http://www.icop.com.tw/en/product/System-On-Module-VEX-SOM/VEX-SOM.html, which runs a Vortex86EX processor. 


Your idea is a good one. However, I do not think it makes sense to separate the code yet.


First we need to figure out whether we are willing/able to move forward with a product that includes GPL licensed code at all. It really is not ideal for our customer base no matter how you look at it. But, VEX-SOM is very attractive for us for a low-end product, and maybe attractive enough to be able to make sense of placing the GPL requirement on at least some of our customers.


If you were willing, I would very much like to take advantage of your expertise to separate the relevant code if we do decide to move forward with a product.




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suggestion: you might want to figure out what subset of the source you actually use in your product, i.e. what files are used in your build, then create a subset of the coreboot source tree containing only this files, then lzma -9 that file. 


I suspect it would be pretty small, but if you want to tell me what board this is I'm willing to give it a try.



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