[coreboot] AMD "pre-PSP" devices

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Sun Dec 24 05:20:44 CET 2017

On 12/23/2017 04:50 PM, echelon at free.fr wrote:

> (was [coreboot] Coreboot Purism BIOS is free? open?)
> Regarding the "AMD pre-PSP" devices, I have a very naive question : are some of them still in production or none of them?
> (i.e all one can buy nowadays are only "pre-owned" devices with a life expectancy far less than that of a new one..)
> What about the opteron line? Are they still in production?
> Sorry for hijacking the thread and thank you for answers..
>   Florentin
Yes of course you can still buy a new KGPE-D16 and KCMA-D8 opteron 
board, performance with their best CPU's is equivilant to AM3+ FX-8310 
(or almost two FX-8310 for the 16 core CPU's)
Those two boards are owner controlled (no ME/PSP) and have 100% libre 
firmware (open source silicon init), they also have an open source 
firmware for the BMC available for secure libre remote management.
You can play modern games in a VM on them via IOMMU-GFX, or use qubes 
(quite nice for that as they have dual USB controllers)

KCMA-D8 - $315
KGPE-D16: $415

I wouldn't bother buying a new Opteron CPU however as a CPU has an 
estimated lifespan of 20+ years, but the board should definitely be 
brand new.
There is also the Lenovo G505S, an owner controlled pre-PSP AMD laptop 
that can run coreboot with open source silicon init. (unlike the purism 
laptops which use the intel FSP binary blob) which you can find as a refurb.

Although I suggest also looking in to a TALOS 2 running POWER9, which is 
significantly faster and much more secure.

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