[coreboot] T430 fan control

Davíð Steinn Geirsson david at dsg.is
Fri Dec 22 11:57:57 CET 2017

Hi all,

I'm trying to get coreboot working on a Lenovo T430. Build and flash were
successful, however it seems the fan control does not work for me.

The fan spins but at a low speed, and does not increase even if I run
a stresstest like 'stress --cpu 4'. Watching 'sensors' output I can see
temperatures increase past the high point, towards the critical point and
after a couple of minutes the machine shuts down due to a thermal event.

In the 'sensors' output the fan status is stuck at 65535RPM, but I'm not sure
if that would have been correct on the manufacturers BIOS since I never
tested it.

Anyone have any ideas? Or maybe some insight into how the fan control stuff
works on these machines (I thought the EC took care of all that stuff without
OS/BIOS intervention)?

I am running from git master checked out Dec 21 (latest commit I see in my tree is ceeafa45cae26ab857687082e02eae40d9621291).

Best regards,

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