[coreboot] [RFH] Draft release notes for coreboot 4.7

Paul Menzel paulepanter at users.sourceforge.net
Thu Dec 21 09:23:45 CET 2017

Dear coreboot folks,

Martin said, that the missing/unwritten release notes are the reason
holding up the coreboot 4.7 release.

Could the maintainers, developers, and users please jump in and help
write them. Please use the pad [1]. Some coreboot folks already
contributed. Big thank you to them.

Also, thanks to the now mostly great and elaborate commit messages, the
release notes should really just give a broad overview. The detail can
then be looked up.

Additionally, can you think of the something that has to be adapted by
someone switching from coreboot 4.6 to coreboot 4.7?



[1] https://pads.ccc.de/s7c2eXetAu
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