[coreboot] Coreboot Purism BIOS is free? open?

szbnwer at gmail.com szbnwer at gmail.com
Mon Dec 18 03:01:52 CET 2017

hi there! :)

im just learning these, ive got no personal experience just some
knowledge about stuffs around these areas, so i can be wrong.
first ive found a pic about an intel folk who talks about the intel me
and its evilness so ive started to dig deeper, then ive found RMS's
homepage, who wrote about libreboot (iirc), continued the learning
there and arrived here...

sooo my understanding says that libreboot is a deblobbed coreboot, and
you say that those machines you mentioned above are 100% owner
cotrolled, however i only know lenovo t400 is good for libreboot from
that list. is this about a misinterpretation of your words, or what?
my best image about this is that coreboot is owner controlled but not
deblobbed, however the possibility is fully opened - is this right? if
yes, then what parts are not deblobbed and how serious they can be? so
what could i win/lose by letting go the idea of aiming a libreboot
machine and choose a coreboot machine instead? (that i dont know when
i will have enough money for that purpose)

an another question is that ive read about the background of the whole
hacking game maybe here maybe elsewhere but most likely from mixed
origins... :D so my understanding says that there is a bunch of
encryption keys that are unremovable (except by intel) maybe based on
something like in that case (complete overwrite of everything included
on the ic that contains the intel me) there is something else that
will miss the original keys. (id appreciate a cleaner vision about
this part, for better understanding, but its not the main question) so
this encryption key is only validating something like headers or
entrance points to the parts of the intel me but not the contents/body
of them. the best that core-/libreboot can achieve is to override the
body parts and we can say then the whole became whitebox and well
known, or there is a next level after the achieved access to entirely
remove it?

i dont even know how flashing going on in practise nor in theory, just
trying to figure out things around... does it work like total
copy/write access with the chance of wrecking things around on the
other hand, or its controlling/limiting its own access, and then one
should come over it somehow? where me_cleaner works 100% replacing
could be achieved, just none implemented core-/libreboot yet for the
other machines in th range of a specific range of intel me version?

and as these are the most mystical parts in my understanding i cant
thanks enough if you or anyone around can make these clean for me!
however i hope that one day ill be able to join you under this bright
flag of freedom and give more help than spreading the verb around :)

so many thanks for any kinda help and all the bests for everyone around here!

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