[coreboot] coreboot support for Minnowboard Turbot E3845

Michael Graichen michael.graichen at hotmail.com
Sat Dec 16 14:49:17 CET 2017

Hey Zoran,

thanks for your help!

Is there some place to look up the connection between CPUID and microcode?

I tested M0130679905.inc but still with the same effect.

So I flashed the original Image and booted Linux.
/proc/cpuinfo tells me that the original image is using microcode: 0x906

but where can I find it?

Best Regards


Am 14.12.2017 um 20:25 schrieb Zoran Stojsavljevic:
> for a E3845 Family: 0x06 Model:0x37 Stepping: 0x09...

This is CPUID 0x30679, which uses MCU M0130679901.h (ONLY this one).

You can also try the following MCU: M0130679905.inc (attached). You need to convert it to .h


On Thu, Dec 14, 2017 at 6:15 PM, Michael Graichen <michael.graichen at hotmail.com<mailto:michael.graichen at hotmail.com>> wrote:
Hey Piotr,

I'm glad to read that somebody else is working on the Atoms as well.
I'm not sure about my ucode config. At the moment I'm using 5 include files:

M0130679901.h and

for a E3845 Family: 0x06 Model:0x37 Stepping: 0x09.
I copied the includes from various FSP's and the FSP_GOLD packages.

I tried other combinations before but then i had no output on the serial
line so I ended up using these five.

What is your Familly/Model/Stepping and what are you using for ucode?

Best Regards


Am 14.12.2017 um 00:04 schrieb Piotr Król:
> Hash: SHA512
> On 12/13/2017 07:29 PM, Michael Graichen wrote:
>> Hey,
> Hi Michael,
>> I've bought a Minnowboard Turbot (quad core / E3845) to start
>> developing on the Atom's.
>> I was hopping that it has support like the Minnowboard Max but it
>> get stuck right after FspInitApi(&FspInitParams); in
>> coreboot/src/drivers/intel/fsp1_0/fsp_util.c. The last output i can
>> see is "POST: 0x92" which comes from
>> post_code(POST_FSP_MEMORY_INIT); right before
>> FspInitApi(&FspInitParams);
> I'm not expert in MinnowBoard Turbot, but I play recently with E3826
> and saw similar behavior when incorrect microcode was used (or no
> microcode). What are your ucode configuration ?
> Best Regards,
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> Piotr Król
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> vW8d/Ll37/r7zutrOXemXZRtxulHy4FL/7aGcDdu8JPxnO4ysLGM0fOZxkZtuyNA
> WYI7nS5mYcVdA69driI3rW0cSuGVAy7LiOBIzzV5Z8iWjQXop56cMJiP6In7zayr
> 7B5XZ6Ix934AzYihK6hZ5Rz5jZyouKb0NJRQLnRB+MljuL4sLa18bnX5NUBqgDxu
> cbw54UYgkgd6CsrbGw3XIGB63k7jYYOUayZwBaqg4QYIxPs798pX5MTe7VMJneFc
> kmg+t8HHZxQkaF9YjoVwyS5y4/24FgwQ5bROo/ztNqZMz2q0nK6jd7vQjobFKTVb
> Hc7w0jQIY37z3ZConHj9hHeVQ4AILFgpUl+NJj04hekcs4aAwJhbMun7YEAmchkp
> cCsv+WvXmOUZwTZR+CoH1xTYSMIX6JkMDZlmlhR/UGlAdpIkxMKQ6MezJXgyihvn
> rBBAMDKGvNxeZ00Cf35d+tI9OwDWw/YxYDMV3nx5MzeIkvho4Umg6ey824QlqxBF
> D+3wYuiB4ZO/uEViYkW62jFOMHxeTZ9lBNdigPsnuclDiXhvAoA1uImsaLHjNHpQ
> xndtfh+FPE3kB6c4koorgXxa3OZacd+4pGDmyjOy7Vl+TZk5hkA=
> =r1Ls

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