[coreboot] Black screen during SeaBIOS boot

Daniel K shambles_09 at hotmail.com
Sat Dec 16 10:20:08 CET 2017

Thanks for the replies!
First I just wanted to clarify, I don't have an issue with the 30 seconds wait (yet). I will deal with that in due time haha. Just want to get something appearing on screen at the moment.
On a side note, I do want GRUB2 as my main payload ultimately. Just thought I'd get started with SeaBIOS first.

Looks like the lspci I provided earlier was wrong because lspci has different output when I'm on coreboot and when I'm on my manufacturer BIOS (been switching back and forth).
Here's my coreboot booted lspci video devices:
01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation GF110 [GeForce GTX 570] (rev a1) -> PCIe VGA (want to use this one)
08:01.0 VGA compatible controller: ASPEED Technology, Inc. ASPEED Graphics Family (rev 10) -> Onboard VGA (don't want this one)

> You might need to edit src/device/Kconfig with:
>         bool
>         default y

Thank you so much for this. Why is this not in the coreboot configs? Is there a page that describes these settings similar to https://www.coreboot.org/Coreboot_Options ?

I'm avoiding the use of a vgabios on purpose because I only want text-mode (trying to avoid all proprietary blobs).

With the MULTIPLE_VGA_ADAPTERS Kconfig configuration, I now get the following output from cbmem -c:

POST: 0x73
found VGA at PCI: 08:01.0
found VGA at PCI: 01:00.0
Setting up VGA for PCI: 01:00.0
Setting PCI_BRIDGE_CTL_VGA for bridge PCI: 00:02.0
Setting PCI_BRIDGE_CTL_VGA for bridge PCI: 00:18.0
Setting PCI_BRIDGE_CTL_VGA for bridge DOMAIN: 0000
Setting PCI_BRIDGE_CTL_VGA for bridge Root Device
DOMAIN: 0000 assign_resources, bus 0 link: 0
VGA: vga_pri bus num = 1 bus range [0,8]
VGA: PCI: 00:18.0 (aka node 0) link 1 has VGA device
POST: 0x75
PCI: 01:00.0 init ...
PCI: 01:00.0 init finished in 0 usecs
POST: 0x75
PCI: 08:01.0 init ...
ASpeed AST2050: initializing video device
ast_detect_chip: AST 1100 detected
ast_detect_chip: VGA not enabled on entry, requesting chip POST
ast_detect_chip: Analog VGA only
ast_driver_load: dram 800000000 0 16 00800000
ASpeed VGA text mode initialized
PCI: 08:01.0 init finished in 33167 usecs

(Sorry for the lack of timestamps. I tried cbmem -t but I haven't turned time logging on in coreboot yet.)

Looks like the device I want (PCI: 01:00.0) gets VGA set up in the first chunk, but in the last 2 chunks of the log, it's initialising video for my unwanted onboard device (PCI: 08:01.0) and skipping initialisation for my wanted device altogether!

Is there a setting to turn off the unwanted PCI device (PCI: 08:01.0) or force the one I want to be used as the main device? Or get the device I want to even initialise?

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