[coreboot] Hardware vendors offering systems with Intel ME disabled

echelon at free.fr echelon at free.fr
Thu Dec 7 22:29:44 CET 2017

First I apologize in advance for introducing some "off topic" noise in the coreboot mailing list, but I would like to point to you a story which was posted on slashdot 4 days ago : 
https://hardware.slashdot.org/story/17/12/03/2113220/dell-begins-offering-laptops-with-intels-management-engine-disabled .
So I have some questions to the coreboot community regarding this story (if you have the time and if you bother to read it..) :
 - I know that the aim of the coreboot project is to produce a fully open-source firmware alternative (and I fully subscript to this noble aim!..), but if we put ourselves in the place of a (corporate?) end-user, who NEEDS the security of a system with "features" like ME or PSP DISABLED, isn't "buying" the option "ME disabled" straight from the vendor a viable solution?.. Or in other words (I hope that I will avoid getting sued for this.. ;-)) : do you think that "buying" this advertised "option" is as reliable as say .. using open source tools like me_cleaner (DIY approach)?..
 - And a more "politically sensitive" question (you can simply ignore it if it is too dangerous to answer..): do you think that Intel is somewhat .. "collaborative" (or at least indifferent..) to this new initiative of Dell or System76?..
Thanks in advance for your answers,
 Florentin Demetrescu

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