[coreboot] usbd_req_re_enumerate

Vincenzo Di Salvo ingegneriaforense at alice.it
Wed Dec 6 02:47:55 CET 2017

Hello guys,

during the freebsd installation I receive these messages:

usbd_req_re_enumerate: addr=2, set address failed! (USB_ERR_IOERROR, ignored)
usbd_setup_device_desc: getting device descriptor at addr 2 failed, USB_ERR_IOERROR
ugen0.2: <Unknown> at usbus0 (disconnected)
uhub_reattach_port: could not allocate new device

These message disappear if in the BIOS I disable the parameter:
USB 1.1 OHCI Controllers,
but so doing I cannot use any USB PORT on my workstation.

1. Please, can you tell me what this means ?

2. Do you know if using Coreboot is it possible avoid this problem ? 

Thanks very much in advance.


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