[coreboot] LinuxBoot (was: [RFC] Revive LinuxBIOS as new project for Linux in flash ROM chip)

Paul Menzel paulepanter at users.sourceforge.net
Mon Dec 4 09:36:02 CET 2017

Dear Ron,

Am Samstag, den 02.12.2017, 21:26 +0000 schrieb ron minnich:
> Over the last few months I discussed reviving the LinuxBIOS name with a
> number of folks inside and outside the coreboot community. I still pretty
> much own the name: for old times's sake I kept the LinuxBIOS Inc.
> corporation and linuxbios.org domain name.
> There was a strong feeling that using the name LinuxBIOS for this new
> project did not make much sense, largely because we're not building a BIOS;
> and, also, it might confuse people with the old project or with coreboot.
> After some iterations on a new name I proposed the name LinuxBoot and that
> seems to work for people. So we use the name LinuxBoot not linuxbios.

Yes, that makes much more sense. Thank you for coming up with that

> There are two uses of LinuxBoot today, one is Trammell's HEADS/Linuxboot
> work and the other is our NERF work, where NERF is LinuxBoot + u-root.
> There is a linuxboot mailing list already, as well as a github.com/linuxboot
> organization. We'll keep the source on github and we will probably continue
> to use github for our web presence as well, as we do for u-root with
> u-root.tk.

I can’t find the mailing list. Could you please share the URL (and put
the list in CC)?

Regarding the content of LinuxBoot [1], it will mostly then be
documenting stuff, how LinuxBoot can be achieved?

> As I said in my talk at ELC, coreboot is the preferred path for opening up
> firmware when that is possible. But LinuxBoot has an important role to play
> now for several organizations where coreboot will not be used.
> And, as Paul mentions, I see LinuxBoot as useful both on coreboot (replace
> ramstage with Linux) and as a replacement for UEFI (since UEFI is
> essentially a ramstage) or even where we replace a large part of UEFI with
> Linux, but retain the DxeCore. There are many possible ways to implement
> LinuxBoot.




[1] https://github.com/linuxboot
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