[coreboot] Getting an WXGA+ LED MVA panel to work on T400: "G141C1-L01"

Merlin Büge toni at bluenox07.de
Mon Sep 26 18:10:10 CEST 2016

> Linux should be able to modeset the display (mostly) independently from coreboot
> (misconfigured) settings. So if the display does not work in linux I
> think something else is wrong.

Thank you for that clarification.

I found another attempt to put this MVA panel into a Thinkpad, but in a T410.
He used a premade adapter cable from www.iccfl.com, so there was no soldering
involved. It showed the exact same behavior as I have: backlight + dimming
works, but no images is displayed. But at the end of his attempt, the old
panel did not work anymore, so maybe he blew a fuse or so.
This might be related to the higher current draw of the MVA panel.

Maybe someone more knowledged could have a look at the electrical specs of the
two panels, the officially working one [0] and the MVA panel [1]?
And maybe also at the kernel logs I posted previously?

That would be great. Thanks!

Is there any other useful information I could provide, any other logs or such?
Please let me know!

> From what I can understand from datasheets this is a dual channel LVDS
> (as expected)...

Yes, it's indeed dual channel LVDS.

[0] LP141WP2-TLB1: http://www.jxlcd.com/Upload/PicFiles/LP141WP2-TLB1.pdf
[1] G141C1-L01: http://www.display-solution.com/pdf/tft-displays/Chi%20Mei%20Innolux/G141C1-L01_V2.0_20100802.pdf

Merlin Büge <toni at bluenox07.de>

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