[coreboot] Diassemble i946GZ ?

Antonius Riko antonius.riko at gmail.com
Mon Oct 17 04:52:25 CEST 2016

I can't build serialICE, here's the log :

10:30:14 AM) bianchi: on serialICE Mainboard Intel D946GZIS ...ROM 512K
...make menuconfig
(10:30:35 AM) bianchi: Kconfig:438:warning: defaults for choice values not
(10:30:35 AM) bianchi: #
(10:30:35 AM) bianchi: # configuration written to .config
(10:30:35 AM) bianchi: #
(10:30:35 AM) bianchi: *** End of SerialICE configuration.
(10:30:35 AM) bianchi: *** Execute 'make' to build or try 'make help'.
(10:31:00 AM) bianchi: I can not do make...does anyone have a clue ?
(10:31:33 AM) bianchi: bianchi at ubuntu:~/serialice/SerialICE$ make
(10:31:33 AM) bianchi: make: Nothing to be done for 'all'
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