[coreboot] What are the ncore gpios on Baytrail (E3827) ?

benoit benoit.sansoni at gmail.com
Fri Oct 7 14:01:15 CEST 2016

I checked out the coreboot code last time with debug traces that I have
on my platform.
In addition I read the atom e3800 family datasheet (from intel website).

I look at these files:

Where these defines are used :
#define IO_BASE_ADDRESS			0xfed0c000
#define  IO_BASE_OFFSET_GPNCORE		0x1000

#define GPNCORE_COUNT		27

I saw in the intel atom datasheet the GPSCORE (from state S0)
@0xfed0c000 and the GPSSUS (from state S5) @0xfed0e000.
But I have never seen GPNCORE @0xfed0d000 (0xfed0c000 + 0x1000) in the
Intel atom datasheet.
Nevertheless these registers are initialized.

Can someone is aware about the GPIO GPNCORE registers on the atom E3800
Are they used on atom E3800 family ?
If GPIOs GPNCORE are used where are they located ?

Thanks in advance for helping me

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