[coreboot] Rettungsboot

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Wed Nov 30 19:51:04 CET 2016

Julius Werner wrote:
> If you really can't stand the idea of BIOS interrupts and real mode,

I for one can't.

> I think your next best option would be to try to cram an
> as-small-as-possible binary recovery descriptor and the real mode
> code to parse/load/execute it together into the 446 bytes of MBR
> space you have.

I like this idea a lot. Backwards compatible is hugely important.

> This way, your new payloads can just find and parse/load/execute
> the descriptor itself without having to provide any BIOS interface,
> but the thing is still compatible with existing legacy BIOSes as
> well.)

I am sold.

Ron, I will make you a deal: If we use Concise Binary Object Representation
(CBOR, RFC 7049) for the MBR data then its working format can be JSON.

I'd be interested in writing the x86 code.


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