[coreboot] native video init question

Nico Huber nico.h at gmx.de
Thu Nov 24 21:01:27 CET 2016


On 20.11.2016 21:29, ron minnich wrote:
> I also wonder if you could use the code Nico put in for the graphics init.
> I have no idea if it's possible, Nico could tell us. But that code looks
> really thorough and might work better.

I suppose, it (libgfxinit) would just work (if you get it to compile).
It's well tested on Ivy Bridge with the MRC blob (kontron/ktqm77, roda/
rv11, roda/rw11) and Sandy Bridge with native raminit (lenovo/t420).

To compile it, you need an Ada toolchain (this is where most people run
off). And to get it running you need several patches in coreboot that
are still under review. Tip of the minimum for kontron/ktqm77 is [1].

If anyone wants to try, the most reliable way to get the Ada toolchain
is to install a `gnat` or `gcc-ada` package matching gcc from your dis-
tribution. Then rebuild the coreboot toolchain with `-l c,ada -b`, e.g.
  mv util/crossgcc/xgcc{,.bak} &&
  make BUILDGCC_OPTIONS="-l c,ada -b" CPUS=8 crossgcc-i386
and wait for an unexpected long period (the `-b` makes it slow, but it's
more likely to succeed).


[1] https://review.coreboot.org/#/c/17074/

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