[coreboot] Support for student project

Tobias Wegner twegner at uni-bremen.de
Sat Nov 19 15:14:51 CET 2016

Dear developers of Coreboot.

I am a student at the University of Bremen, Germany. In our recently 
started project 'badUSB' our team researches for new ways to detect and 
prevent attacks through reverse engineered USB devices-firmware (so 
called 'badusb'). One of our main security targets is to stop boot 
sector attacks. Therefore we are looking forward to find solutions based 
on opensource coreboot.

Right now we try to decide on supported hardware and were hoping to get 
help directly from people who already faced the problem. We saw your 
vendor list but are especially interested in information about tips for 
developing. Are there any systems that were easier to build for? Maybe 
you got suggestions for development environments (virtual maschines you 
used?) or warnings to beware us from some pitfalls.

With best regards
Tobias Wegner

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