[coreboot] Does the Core2Quad Mobile Q9100 require microcode updates?

Daniel Kulesz daniel.ina1 at googlemail.com
Sat Nov 12 13:12:50 CET 2016


I am considering upgrading my Coreboot'ing Thinkpad T500 with a Core2Quad Mobile Q9100 [1] (which requires some hardware modifications but is doable). My question is: Does this CPU require the microcode updates or will it run without? Practical experience from someone running this or a simular CPU from the same family (Q9000, Q9300) would be appreciated!

Cheers, Daniel

[1] http://ark.intel.com/products/37033/Intel-Core2-Quad-Processor-Q9100-12M-Cache-2_26-GHz-1066-MHz-FSB

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