[coreboot] Intel Braswell FSP graphics init

Igor Skochinsky skochinsky at mail.ru
Tue Nov 8 21:40:36 CET 2016

Hi Andreas,

Tuesday, November 8, 2016, 9:07:43 PM, you wrote:

AG> On 08.11.2016 20:04, Aaron Durbin via coreboot wrote:
>> You'll need a debug version of FSP so that you can see the serial
>> messages it spits out as to why things are failing. Talk to Intel to
>> get help as that's about the best you can do with FSP at this point.
>> You are passing things in but not getting the result you desire.

AG> I really doubt they will give this to me as a private person without
AG> being affiliated to a company which buys stuff from them and signs NDAs.
AG> I don't even have a contact point.

I'm curious, how come you have "engineer of the board" but not a contact at

 Igor                            mailto:skochinsky at mail.ru

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