[coreboot] Newbie question about motherboard support

Vasiliy Tolstov v.tolstov at selfip.ru
Thu Nov 3 21:17:37 CET 2016

3 Ноя 2016 г. 21:24 пользователь "Julius Werner" <jwerner at chromium.org>
> > I believe there are a few 100% FOSS laptops out there that aren't
listed on
> > the coreboot site but my age betrays me and I am forgetting what they
> > called. (I say again purism is a scam, do not buy from them.)
> All Chromebooks based on Nvidia and Rockchip SoCs are 100% FOSS as far
> as firmware goes (graphics acceleration is a different story, but you
> can run them with software rendering). (Mediatek Chromebooks are 99.9%
> FOSS, they just have a tiny power management controller with openly
> available binary firmware.)

But what about acer chromebooks? Also as I know some intel cpu based
chromebooks exists...

> As for OP's question, coreboot can not just support a random
> motherboard out of the box, you will always need code for it. You
> might be able to write it yourself if you know (or are willing to
> figure out) enough about how it's laid out. The existing Braswell code
> will certainly provide you a good stepping stone... board support is
> usually a tiny amount of work compared to SoC support.

Does coreboot have some how-to how to write motherboard support?

> I don't know enough about Intel to tell you whether your board is
> using BootGuard or how you would find that out, though. If it does,
> you're probably out of luck. (If it doesn't, it's true that you still
> need blobs... but you can usually extract these from your vendor
> firmware and work them into a coreboot image.)

I'm still waiting for intel guys ,I think that they can say more about this.
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