[coreboot] Radare i946.bin

Riko Ho antonius.riko at gmail.com
Wed Nov 2 08:24:32 CET 2016

Everyone, Idwer...

Here's what I've been playing with radare,

bianchi at ubuntu:~/Documents/Coreboot Column$ r2 -e asm.bits=16 -e
io.va=true i946gz_Edited.bin
[f000:fff0]> b7
[f000:fff0]> pd
            ;-- entry0:
            f000:fff0    ea5be000f0   jmp word 0xf000:0xe05b
            f000:fff5    2a4d52       sub cl, [di+0x52]
            f000:fff8    42           inc dx
            f000:fff9    2a02         sub al, [bp+si]
            f000:fffb    0000         add [bx+si], al
            f000:fffd    0060ff       add [bx+si-0x1], ah
            ;-- section_end.bootblk:

where can I see the relation between that block with PCIEXBAR register ?


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