[coreboot] 16GB dimm on Sandy/Ivy Bridge status

Iru Cai mytbk920423 at gmail.com
Tue May 31 05:04:44 CEST 2016


I'm tesing to see if the coreboot Sandy/Ivy MRC supports 16GB DIMMs. Here's
my result.

I'm using a MT16KTF2G64HZ-1G6A1[1]. My machine is Lenovo T420 with
i7-3630QM. With this module inserted (I've tested 16G+0 and 16G+8G), the
system can light up, but it'll then get crashed.
- with GRUB2 payload, it'll crash after the payload loads
- with SeaBIOS payload with proprietary VGABIOS, I can see the prompt, and
can boot to a GRUB or syslinux loader on my USB stick, but when I try to
boot a system, it get crashed. If I boot to Memtest86+ on my USB stick, the
system will crash when memtest starts to test the memory.

And another thing I can see is, the first boot can boot to payload, but the
second boot will fail. I think it's caused by the MRC cache.

I'm still wondering if Sandy/Ivy northbridge can support 16GB DIMMs. I'll
give a more detailed EHCI debug output later. According to [2], I think the
incompatibility is an MRC issue instead of hardware incompatibility.


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