[coreboot] ThinkPad x220 - Status

Alexander Couzens lynxis at fe80.eu
Mon May 23 16:02:41 CEST 2016


nice you made it!

> *3) Coreboot rocks but... Current Open issues:*
> ---------------------------------------------
> I decided to use coreboot-4.4 release instead of git-master.
> As payload I'm using SeaBIOS (booting Archlinux with Syslinux as
> bootloader).
That's ok.

> Before, with dmidecode -t 17 the speed was 1333Mhz and now it is just
> 667Mhz...
we might written the wrong value into dmidata. (dmidecode reads a
description written by the firmware, has nothing to do with the real

> *3.2) TP-SMAPI: *
> --------------
tp smapi depends on lot of SMM/SMI code. So tp-smapi kernel module
asked the Lenovo BIOS to tell the EC to do something. coreboot don't
want to support SMM/SMI APIs, because they are quite dangerous.
But there is another way to get those features back.
We know how to enable it, but we haven't yet create a way to control
this by the user.

One thing could be a userspace tool executed as root or we add another 
CMOS configuration for it. Any idea?

> *3.3) Config files:*
> ------------------
> coreboot - http://pastebin.com/9ymtxLBW
It looks you're using the native graphics init instead of the binary
blob VGABIOS. The last time I tried it, I had a lot of problems. [3]

Thanks for your feedback. Feel free to create tickets or updating the
x220 wiki page.


[3] https://ticket.coreboot.org/issues/37
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